How it all Began

“I can visualize my grandmother’s voice telling my mother –Munna, (her pet name) this time will not come back. It will pass away like flowing sand, so practice my child. Mummy paid heed to her and she did listen. That truly is how the first leg of it all began….” - Bhakti

Namrata took personal training under Krishnakant Parikh and began performances from quite a young age at school, becoming a famous kid on the block with her singing. Already blessed with a spell woven around her melodious voice, her singing career saw a spate of opportunities from chorus singing, to singing for Darpana in Malaysia, to becoming a lead singer in hundreds of programs.

It was in 1998 after her performance at Lions Club that awareness started spreading about her singing abilities. This of course was followed by an approach for tutoring by a few ladies who heard her singing at this program. Until then, it had been a few ladies she trained off and on, but it was then with this group that led to the beginning of the Shukravar Satsang Parivar at home. Since then there has been no looking back.

Next began the Thursday group at Manekbaug, and recently she began a third batch in Satellite owing to the large increasing number of her students which has risen to a total of 125 and the number is still increasing as I type.

Recently, she celebrated her 10th Satsang Parivar anniversary at Punjabi Seva Samaj Hall with all her students and family members. A truly delightful program as always was delivered; with perfect balance and harmony provided by all her music team members, enthralling each one present.

It has been her rule, not to take fees for her programs or her tuitions, and she thus lives up to the giving nature of music spreading it to offer joy and peace through her voice to each one who listens. But since, this year owing to her student’s urges, after ten years, she asked her students to contribute to the kidney patients from her side. She still doesn’t take the fees for herself, but hands over the fee amount directly to the Nadiad Hospital for Kidney Patients and their dialysis.

Its quite a blissful feeling, to hear her voice, be it in a program, or on a C.D. Player or in a video for her voice has that kind of quality which speaks of a surrender to God, making one forget what any other truth can possibly mean.

A truly spiritual soul, who understands the journey of this life as a stage leaving a trail of joyful bliss in one’s heart….

Even as I type, I can hear the peaceful rendering of the harmonium and a divine voice mildly gelling in with the nature’s sounds…spreading all the seven swaras gently into the cosmos.
A man behind this mission is Shri Ronak Shodhan, Namrata’s soul mate. Ronak Shodhan, Engineer by qualification (IIT Kanpur) and Ph.D. is passionate for activities related to Knowledge Sharing, Educating Youth & weaving the society with various threads of Kindness, Encouragement, helping each other etc. He is the strongest pillar of Satsang Parivar, he is keen to spread “Satsang & Bhakti” across the globe through melodious voice of Namarta with just one condition. . . “Do it free of cost!”.

Aaradhana, younger daughter of Namrata is also singing well, taking proper training in vocal & instrumental music. She is proud of her Mom’s activities & wish to carry it on with new ideas.

So, welcome to Satsang Parivar through this web communication. We welcome like minded people to join the mission & make the world little better with soul touching music. Write to us. . .  Your suggestions/feedback.