When its Namrataben’s voice concerned, divinity it seems has signed a pact with her. Be it just rendering in her Satsang Parivar classes with her students, or in a program with hundreds of people sitting or singing in solitude with the self and God, the divinity factor has never been amiss.

She seeks no materialistic returns, but only wants to give people moments of joy.

She sings to spread joy and peace and that is truly what reflects in her voice from within.
As she believes, in this mission as the sole mission of her music, it’s never been a task for her to succeed at it. The mission is so effortlessly accomplished that one feels, targets can so easily be granted. Her constant appeal to God is to surrender and only spread joy and peace as much as she can, through out the world.

She also contributes to the critically ill patients at Shri Muljibhai Patel Kidney Institute & Hospital (Nadiad , Gujarat) in every way she can.